IFAA Bogaflokkar

There are a number of bow styles that are used to compete in the Association and the various styles although listed and detailed in the rules are also depicted here in a pictorial manner to show what can be used ( a red tick) and what cannot be used ( a red cross). All you need do is click on the style you shoot in the Top Menu under “Bow Styles” to see the relevant picture of the style you are enquiring about sito qui.

Amendments to the pictures of equipment to be used in bow styles have been made (8 May 2015), to make sure that you are looking at the most current picture, please when on the page clear the cache of your browser by holding down the Ctrl (control) key and then press the F5 at the same time. Thank you.


Bowhunter compound BHC-new-R03-redBarebow recurve BBR-new-R03-redbarebow compound BBC-new-R03-redBowhunter limited BL-new-R02-red

bowhunter recurve BHR-new-R03-redBowhunter unlimited BU-new-R02-redFreestyle unlimited FU-new-redFree style compound FSC-new-red

Free style recurve FSR-new-redHISTORICAL-new-redLongbow-new-R01-Redshootstylesmay15